Behind the scenes video with Rachelle.

Filmed & edited by  Cody Hanson

Photos by Mike Diep

San Francisco, CA

So yesterday I had the chance to meet a fellow Brotographer, Joshua Weaver, and his photographer friend, Matt, who happened to be a new local. They planned to shoot with Madeline, whom I had met and shot with last week with another Brotographer, Robby. Unfortunately, Robby couldn’t come out this time. But the shoot was probably one of the most laid back shoots I’ve ever been on. Since it wasn’t actually mine, I didn’t want to get in the way of Josh and Matt’s shooting time since their time in Chicago was limited and mine wasn’t as much. I decided to take some BTS shots here and there, but also got a few decent keepers as well! Thanks so much to Madeline’s friend, Dean, for letting us up onto his rooftop in Wrigleyville! All these photos were taken in a 45 minute time frame as the sun was just about to go down. I also didn’t even decide to do a blog set of this shoot until 2am last night haha. Wish I did plan on doing a BTS during the shoot, I’d have more, but oh well. Enjoy!

May Tran

(Source: mdphotography-blog)